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Quartz stone vacuum vibrating molding press

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Quartz stone vacuum vibrating molding press:

Equipment Description:

Construction: it is made up of two sets of 4+4 synchronous vibration motor and frame, vacuum box outer frame, vibration punch, PLC automatic control system, vacuum pumping system, hydraulic system and flat belt conveying system. It is an efficient and energy-saving molding equipment. When the cloth material blank into compressor, the machine will automatically complete the whole process of pressing: feeding, vacuum, pressure, vibration, pressure relief - plate.

Performance and advantages:

1. It has automatic and manual switching function, and the handwritten touch screen is input to control the vibration parameters.
2, simple operation, two groups of synchronous vibration motor is exposed, low failure rate, simple structure, simple and convenient maintenance;
3, the thickness of the pressed plate can be changed from 10mm to 50mm at will, and it is flexible and convenient to replace the product specifications.
4, the vacuum chamber of the machine is the smallest in the quartz stone forming machine, which effectively shortens the vacuum pumping time (about 30S or -0.1MPa), and greatly improves the production efficiency.
5. According to the thickness and thickness of the material, the time of pressing can be set at will, and the time of vibration suppression is 1.5 to 3 minutes.
6, the content of sheet resin: according to the thickness of the material from 8% to 12%, the compactness is good and there is no stomata.
7, synchronous excitation force: less than 800000KN;
8, noise: less than 65dB.
9, frequency conversion control belt conveyer speed, can move back, location is accurate.

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