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Our service is considerate, elaborately made, and the price is satisfactory. "Customer oriented", to provide customers with overall service;;
"To serve as the core" for the customer to build the most valuable products;
"With the quality as the center of gravity", the full range of service to the customer!
In the sales of products, the interests of customers are our first consideration. Our service pursuit is meticulous. From the pre sales consultation and enthusiastic service to the promotional products in sales, we all need to concentrate on the best.

Pre sale

(1)selection of equipment model;(2)design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of the customers;(3)training technical personnel for customers;(4)the company is free to send engineering technicians to the user site to plan the site for the user, to design the best process and plan。


(1)the acceptance of the product;(2)assist customer to draw up the construction plan。

After sale:

(1)the special after-sale service personnel are assigned free of charge to arrive at the site to guide the customers to install and debug;(2)installation and commissioning of the equipment;(3)on-site training operators.