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Causes and preventive measures for the burning of vibration motor

Updata:08/12/2015       Author:admin       Source:Shang Zhen Vibrator

The vibration motor is an eccentric block installed at the two ends of the motor shaft, and the exciting force is generated by the high-speed rotation, which will drive the equipment to work. Because of its simple structure, compact, convenient installation, and can participate in vibration, and does not need transmission devices and many other advantages, it is widely used in various industries. However, because of its unique structure, its service life is much shorter than the ordinary motor, as an old manufacturer of vibrator motors, Shanghai Shang Zhen Vibrator motors Cp., Ltd has paid  much attentions on the causes and preventive measures for the burning of vibration motor, such as phase, overload, overcurrent, short circuit fault, several other causes of vibration motor burned and preventive measures. 1) loosening of the anchor bolt which is one of the main fault caused by vibration motor burned, due to the special structure of vibration motor, vibration force at both ends of the eccentric block produced per minute to two thousand times the impact of anchor bolts, due to the vibration vibration of the motor itself, a foot bolt is easy to loose, once a loose bolt, in a relatively short period of time will cause other bolt looseness, even fracture, which burned motor. Preventive measures: often reinforced anchor bolt; increase locking device; ensure the good contact with the foot motor floor, make several anchor bolt uniform stress. In the selection, try to use vibration motor shell (i.e., one foot in the casing), because the foot is a process, so it can ensure the level of. The shell seat variant (i.e., feet on both ends of the end cover), due to the instep is processed again and then assembled, due to assembly errors, not easy to guarantee the foot level, so a few of the anchor bolt force is not easy to be uniform, and force a bolt easily loose, causing other bolt looseness or breakage, burning motor. 2) installation problem. Because the two ends of the vibratory motor are equipped with heavier eccentric blocks, such as vertical or inclined installation (i.e., the vertical or inclined horizontal surfaces of the rotating shaft), the bearing axial must bear the gravity of the eccentric block. If there is no special device (the plane bearing) in the vibration motor, it will have a bad effect on the bearing, thus shortening the service life. Preventive measures: (1) choose vertical vibrating motor (that is, to add plane bearing inside); 2. Try to avoid vertical or inclined installation. 3) the adjustment problem of eccentric block. When adjusting the eccentric block, the direction of the two ends of the eccentric block should be mistakenly reversed, so that the vibrating motor will produce a space torque, so that the vibrating motor will work in an abnormal state, and then cause burnout. Therefore, when adjusting the eccentric block, we must pay attention to its symmetry, that is, the 22 ends of the eccentric block should be the same, or the center of gravity connection of the two eccentric blocks must be parallel to the rotating shaft, so it can not be a different state. 4) the sealing problem of the protective cover is mostly very bad and the dust is large due to the working environment of the vibrating motor. If the shield is not well sealed, it will easily enter the dust, causing the friction of the eccentric block to run, thereby burning the motor. So in places where the working environment is bad, one should increase the seal of the shield, and two to clean up the dust in the shield. 5) the temperature of the conveying material of the environment temperature equipment should not be too high. Because the vibration motor is rigid connection with the equipment, it can also be said to be a whole. If the material temperature is too high, the temperature of the ground and the shell of the vibrating motor will increase, resulting in the heat dissipation is difficult, so that the motor will be destroyed. Preventive measures: 1. On the premise of not affecting the work of the equipment, try to keep the vibration motor away from the high temperature material, and to reduce the temperature of the material. 6) the problem of heat dissipation. A common motor, a fan at the end, makes the wind move along the vertical reinforcement above the cabinet when working, not only the heat dissipation is faster, but also the dust above is cleared, so that the motor works well. Because the vibration motor can dissipate heat without fans, it depends entirely on natural cooling. In addition, the working environment is very bad. The dust is large and the dust is easily accumulated on the surface of the motor, resulting in high internal temperature and burning motor. Preventive measures: often remove the dust on the surface of the motor, to make it work in good condition; in the design process, the vibration motor surface should be smooth, the dust is not easy to accumulate, if working in the environment of dust is large, should consider the ribs, minus the surface of the casing because at this time, not only no ribs to the cooling effect, but easy to make the dust accumulation, hindering the motor cooling.

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