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MVE Vibrator motor, new coordinate of vibrator motor

Updata:03/23/2016       Author:Curtis      Source:Company Research

      MVE series single, three-phase standard type vibration motor is the new general vibration motor. As a general vibration source of all kinds of vibration machines, the product can be widely applied in mining, metallurgy, coal, power, construction, chemical industry, casting, light industry food and other industries. MVE series single and three phase standard type vibration motor have the characteristics of light weight, small volume, easy adjustment of exciting force, high insulation grade and high protection grade. The products can replace the ITALVIBRAS (MARTIN), URAS, VIMARC, INVICTA and other companies produced by the vibration motor.

      MVE series vibration motor is a universal vibration motor developed by our company. The product has the following characteristics:

  • The design is advanced, the appearance is beautiful, the weight is light, the volume is small, and the installation is convenient.;
  • All closed structure can work under the condition of no explosion-proof demand;
  • Simple operation, multi machine combination, complete special work;
  • High quality, high life, high energy saving;
  • Light weight, small volume, easy adjustment of excitation force, high insulation grade and high protection grade;

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