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2015 Shanghai international vibration mechanical equipment and Technology Exhibition

Updata:04/21/2015       Author:Curtis      Source:Shang Zhen

"2015 Shanghai international vibration mechanical equipment and Technology Exhibition" successfully concluded in April 17, 2015, the exhibition has attracted many customers related to mines, casting, metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, coal, food, building materials industry and motor vibration and mechanical vibration of peer friends.

Shanghai SHANGZHEN Vibration Motors Co., Ltd, as a veteran of the domestic first-line brand as a native of Shanghai and a vibration motor vibration motor manufacturing enterprises only grand debut this vibration Expo Center area to set up 36 square meters exhibition hall of the China Everbright Exhibition Area, customers showcases many classic product features. During the exhibition, new and old customers came and discuss with our sales and technical personnel about the products, so as to enhance mutual trust.

The market is constantly changing and developing, and the competition of the vibration motor industry is becoming more and more intense. On the vibration of previous pay more attention to the intrinsic quality of products and service to customer service, market and brand publicity has weakened, the vibration motor hope to show a new attitude to our customers and friends through this exhibition, we will increase the market, concern for customers, in the premise of ensuring the product quality and service, construction and maintenance of outstanding brand.

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