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vibration motor noise caused by the abnormal rotation of the bearing

Updata:04/27/2016       Author:Curtis      Source:Shang Zhen Vibrator Motors

Vibrator motor noise is one of the main mechanical noise, and bearing vibrating noise is the main mechanical noise, noise of bearing abnormal rolling is relatively basic noise, the frequency range of bearing vibration noise is wider, people do not feel the same.

The experienced worker will distinguish the bearing of the vibration motor according to the noise of the bearing of the vibration motor, and then determine the maintenance of the vibration motor.

The noise produced by the abnormal vibration of the bearing of a vibrating motor is:

1, with a stethoscope to identify, using external tools vibration motor, electronic stethoscope to identify vibration motor, vibration bearing noise distribution in the range of 1~20kHz, temporal fluctuations tend to be a vibration motor end cover amplification, most of the vibration motor bearing noise in the frequency range of 1~5kHz, with electronic stethoscope sounds is a hissing sound of sand.

2, according to the sound characteristics and sources of noise, the abnormal vibration and noise of bearings often happen intermittently or humming, sometimes even feel that the objects in the vibrating motor are rubbing or hitting each other. The occurrence of the abnormal noise of the roller bearing ball bearing is very high in the noise formation of the vibration motor. Therefore, the source of the sound source can be initially judged according to the position of the roller bearing of the motor.

3. Judging by cleaning and replacing the bearings, the abnormal vibration and noise disappear after the original bearings are rewashed or replaced, and the abnormal vibration noise of the bearing can be judged.

If the bearings still have abnormal vibration after cleaning the bearings, it can be judged that the bearing matching is not suitable or the wear of the bearing is too serious.

The abnormal rotation noise of the vibration motor occupies a large proportion in the operation of the equipment. It is very necessary to do well in the protection and maintenance of the bearing of the vibration motor. From the use process, we can distinguish quickly through voice, do well in mechanical maintenance work, reduce operational failures, improve the reliability of vibration motor, and further ensure the safety production of vibration machines.

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