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Why the noise of vibrator motors is so loud?

Updata:04/14/2016       Author:Curtis      Source:Shanghai Shang Zhen

As everyone knows, the vibration motor as vibration source of mechanical equipment, is widely used in vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, silo wall vibrator, vibration hoist vibration equipment, vibration motor will produce very little noise when in working, the noise is normal mechanical noise.


But there are exceptions. If the vibration motor makes great noise when in working, the greater noise it makes, the greater damage to the vibration motor and vibration equipment. Therefore, we should be vigilant and take measures when we find the noise. Let's explain to you what the noise of the vibration motor is: what is the big noise of the vibration motor:

The reasons for the noise of the general vibration motor and the countermeasures are:

First, check whether the anchor bolt of the vibration motor is tightened. If there is no fastening, the anchor bolts should be fastened in time to prevent the noise generated by the vibration motor bolts loosening during operation.

Two, check whether the bearing of the vibration motor is abnormal. If the bearing is short of oil, it should be timely oiling. If the bearing is broken, it should replace the bearing in time, so as to avoid the noise of the vibration motor bearing because of lack of oil or noise.

Three, it is necessary to check whether there is a collision around the protective cover of the vibration motor to cause the noise of the friction shield.

Attention should be paid to the alignment of the eccentric blocks on both sides to avoid the vibration of the vibration motor, and it is easy to cause the breakage of the ground. Some customers in conditioning the eccentric block at the same time, the two eccentric angles (or chord) are inconsistent, it will cause the vibration of mechanical noise.

In addition, pay attention to the two vibration mechanical and electrical steering, if the two vibration and Mechatronics are run to a target, then your material will move on one side. The use of rubber springs can reduce the noise of the equipment and reduce the friction between metal and metal in the process of vibration.

You have done all above, so please pay attention to whether the ground is flat.

If these conditions are still avoiding the noise again, that is the one you use too much to save equipment materials, due to vibration motor and equipment is integrated in the vibration process, also known as a shock, but if the steel thin case occurred 2 times total vibration or irregular vibration.

The above is the reason why we compiled the vibration noise of vibrating motors. If you still don't understand it, you can log in to our official website ( or call our 021-67871206 hotline. We can serve you by we.

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